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Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans are an integral part of many small, medium, and large scale industrial and retail establishments. They serve two very critical purpose – ventilation and process cooling.


In industrial environments, temperature control is essential in many processes. Temperature control necessitates the need to remove excess heat. Heat is produced is almost all manufacturing set-ups due to machine-operations, ovens, or process heating. This heats up the air and increases the temperature. Circulation of this hot air brings down and maintains the temperature.


This circulation can be done in many ways, one of which is the use of heavy-duty exhaust fans. These fans, ranging from 12” to 36”, suck out the hot air from closed environments like industrial sheds, manufacturing plants, machine casings and make room for cool air to come in.


In certain situations, processes may also lead to the circulation of harmful chemicals or gases. Exhaust fans also aide in removing these contaminants from operating areas, and avoids the accumulation of harmful fumes.


Exhaust fans also help maintain temperature and moisture levels in facilities. Both of these parameters are important for the well-being of people working in those environments. Apart from well-being, accumulation of moisture can lead to product quality issues for manufacturers.


Commercial and retail establishments must also constantly circulate air to ensure comfortable working environments for employees and customers. Shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasiums, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, and the likes of these, need exhaust fans for air circulation.


Nova Force, a range of exhaust fans, by Aeronova is powerful and sturdy, which can easily throw away any excess moisture, harmful fumes, smoke, etc. or suck out hot air from closed spaces. The totally enclosed, the rugged motor design ensures a long life, the pre-lubricated double-ball-bearings ensure smooth and silent operations. Overall, Nova Force ensures high efficiency at the right cost.


Nova Force heavy-duty exhaust fans are available from 12” (300 mm) to 36” (900 mm) sweep, with RPM range of 700 to 1400. 

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