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When winter arrives, it brings with it a respite from the scorching heat in India, but it goes on to become extremely cold in many parts of the country. Such cold weather makes it difficult to conduct regular activities with ease. Hence, the need for appropriate heating arises. With advancements in technology, many options are available for room heating.

Room heaters can be classified into three major categories based on the method of heating or heating technology – Fan Heaters, Infrared Heaters, and Oil-Filled Heaters.

We will be discussing in detail fan heaters and infrared heaters.



Fan heaters, also known as Ceramic heater, or Convection room heaters, or Blower room heaters have a heating coil that is heated with the supply of electricity. Once hot, it heats the air around it, and a fan blows out the hot air warming the room. It is convenient for heating large spaces in a short time and is also safe for children as the heated coil is fully enclosed. Since there is a fan, it is not totally noiseless.



Infrared heater, also known as Halogen, or Quartz heater, is probably the cheapest heaters that provide heat to its smaller space. It is useful for small spaces. This heater has no fans. These heaters work quickly, and they’re efficient – so cheap to run. They radiate heat directly onto objects, rather than relying on convection to circulate the warmth.



Irrespective of the type of heater, certain factors should always be considered while buying a room heater.


  1. The heater must-have safety features like a mesh in case of a halogen/quartz heater and a grill in case of a fan heater.
  2. The products should have an ISI mark for safety – IS: 302.
  3. The products should always use a power plug.
  4. There should be multiple heat settings so that the user can increase or decrease the heating.
  5. The heater should be portable. The body of the heater should have convenient handles to hold and move it around.
  6. The heater should be cost-effective.


Aeronova has a broad range of cost-effective room heaters across categories.

Nova Cozy is a fan heater with a plastic body, all relevant safety features, and comes with the convenience of two positions. Nova Comfy is a metal body fan heater that comes with a thermostat and multiple heat settings.

Nova Halo is a halogen heater that comes with wide-angle oscillation, a cool-touch body, safety features, and efficient heating. Nova Quartz is a quartz heater that comes with all safety features and efficient heating.

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