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Many times, we have small cosy places in our homes or in commercial settings that require air circulation and ventilation but may have space for a large ceiling fan. Think about kitchens or bathrooms, wardrobe closets, partly or fully covered balconies, small hallways, utility areas at home, or small visitor areas in clinics, small shops, etc. Air circulation for all such spaces that are not more than 30 – 40 sqft in area can be done with a 24inch (or a 600mm) four-blade ceiling fan.


Such a ceiling fan is compact, usually has an RPM of 850 with air delivery of 110 cmm. They are sturdy with a copper motor, double ball bearings, and dynamically balanced blades.


Aeronova offers Nova Superspeed, a high-speed 24” ceiling fan. It has a motor with copper-winding for durability, pressure die-cast aluminium rotor, and hi-perm stamping, well-designed CRCA body for better finishing, dynamically balanced blades for maximum air delivery, and high-quality double ball bearing greased with high-quality grease.


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It should also be noted that along with air circulation, good ventilation is also very important. All such small closed spaces should be given adequate ventilation through a duct or a ventilating fan, especially during the pandemic. Ventilation guidelines have been laid out by WHO. For more information,

please visit: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240021280

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