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Good ventilation is an important element to maintain your family’s health and well-being. Ventilation ensures proper air-flow inside your house all the time. Be it in the bathroom, kitchen, enclosed balconies, basements, and attics. It helps in removing indoor pollutants, smoke, dust, moisture, and kitchen fumes. Air circulation, through good ventilation, maintains the quality and vitality of the air inside the house. Let us look at four important benefits of good ventilation.



  1. Ventilation reduces moisture and humidity. Moisture is created in bathrooms and in kitchens due to the use of steam or heating of water. The hot water from geysers, when used in a shower or bucket-bath, creates moisture. Similarly, heating of water in kitchens and other cooking activities leads to the creation of moisture. Excess moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for fungus and molds, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Moisture also leads to dampness in walls. A good airflow by means of ventilation and exhaust fans reduces moisture, circulates the air, and contains the growth of harmful fungus and molds.
  2. Ventilation reduces odours. During our regular house-hold work, many kinds of odours are produced, like kitchen fumes coming from the spices used in Indian cooking, dampness in walls, smoking, etc. These odours create an unpleasant environment inside the house. Good ventilation can push these odours out of the house and keep the air inside the house fresh.
  3. Ventilation reduces indoor Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. They are carbon-containing organic chemicals present indoors. They come from a large number of indoor sources including building materials, furnishings, consumer products, tobacco smoking, people and their activities, and indoor chemical reactions. If not removed, they can lead to health issues. Good ventilation circulates the air and pushes these VOCs out of the house.
  4. Ventilation reduces harmful gases. Many domestic fuel burning activities can produce harmful gases. Heating water on Indian-chulhas, usage of gas-geysers, usage of room heaters, etc produces harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide. Such harmful gases, if not controlled can become fatal. Exhaust fans ensure that the air inside is well circulated and hence throw these harmful gases outside, bringing in better air from outside.


Good ventilation can be created using the right exhaust or ventilation fan. Aeronova’s range of Nova Fresh, Nova Smart, and Nova Cool provides the right kind of ventilation to make your home healthy and indoor-air fresh.

A metal-body exhaust fan like Nova Fresh or Nova Smart is better suited for kitchens, basements, and garages.

Available in 9″ and 12″

Available in 9″ and 12″


A plastic body ventilation fan works well in bathrooms.


Available in 6″, 8″ and 10″


Aeronova’s exhaust fans have a noiseless operation, long life, and aesthetically designed to add to your home décor. Explore the products to know more.

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